BA, Computer Science The University Of Georgia


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Tyrone W. Griffin



BA, Computer Science

The University of Georgia
(Graduating May 2021)


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I am a soon-to-graduate student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I am seeking a position where I may use my formal education, creativity, enthusiasm and attention to detail. I want to learn how a company works, its structure, products and services, so that I can provide insights and analysis to business challenges and be a valuable asset to the organization.

If given an opportunity, my motivation, strong interpersonal skills, and attention to detail will allow me to make a positive contribution to my team and the organization.



• Computer Learning

• Technical Expertise

• Computer Programming Projects

• Creativity



Computer Learning

Introduction to Digital Technology – computer hardware
Introduction to computing and programming – basic programming concepts in Java
Software development – advanced concepts of object-oriented programming, such as polymorphism and introduction of GUIs
Discrete Math for Computer Science – logic and numbers
Systems Programming
Data Structures – array lists and linked lists, array-based sorting algorithms in C++
Formal Language Theory/Computation Theory – regular, context-free, decidable, and undecidable languages, Turing machines and automata, reducibility
Computer Networking – the five layers of open systems interconnection: application (and presentation and session), transport, network, data link, and physical; client-server software
Computer Architecture and Organization – protocols, assembly language, combinational and sequential logic, computer arithmetic, instruction sets
Web Programming – web design in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL
Cyber Security – software, web, network security attacks and defenses, race conditions, cryptography
Software Engineering (in progress) – construction of an online bookstore in scrum teams using web, database and Java and/or Python development.
Database Management (in progress) – entity relationship models and more focus than web programmnig on creating and maintaining databases
Intro to Scientific Computing (in progress) – basic topics of scientific computing (binary-to-decimal conversion, representing scientific notation in binary), introduction to MATLAB programming language.


Technical Experience

Java C++ • Excel • HTML
• CSS • JavaScript • PHP • SQL
• R • Python • Maya • C


Computer Programming Projects

Life: the task was to code the logic for the digital game: on a square grid, each space was either “alive” or “dead,” and the number of adjacent spaces that were alive or dead in a round determined the state of that space on the next round (the change in state was visually represented with an animation that I was instructed to make change frames every 100 milliseconds); the intended end result was for the grid to be mostly dead with several small patches of living spaces that might flash between the two states according to the game’s logic

Blackjack: I was given multiple classes in which to code the logic for the card game; the hardest portion was writing the code that determined if an ace in the hand would be worth one point or eleven

Minesweeper: all work used only the driver class, but it took my implementation of all methods; some methods called others to fulfill the necessary operations, particularly the method which checked whether or not adjacent grid spaces were valid (in bounds) and were a location of one of the game’s mines

Band: this project was written as self-assigned code-writing practice; I created all classes and determined how each would interact with one another in either the driver class or in their implementations; the idea was to create a program that had the capability of digitally adding a student into a particular level of a band program and adding music for each level to play at a concert.

Digital Animation: I had to use the animation concepts of the course to make a 20-30 second animation (480-720 frames) using proided models for a ball and Luxo the lamp..


Interests include creating digital art and composing music
  Member, University of Georgia Symphonic Band, Spring 2017 - 2020
  • Wrote and conducted Battlefield March, a composition performed by the Hiram High School Wind Symphony, April 2015



THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Athens, GA                                       2019 - 2020

Community Services Assistant
  • Customer service
  • Administrative tasks
  • Community resources
  • Distributing mail
  • Managing keys in accordance with university housing policy


PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS, Powder Springs, GA                                     2013

Karate Summer Camp Volunteer
  • Assisted head instructor in self-defense technique demonstrations
  • Roaming, one-on-one instruction
  • Safety equipment distribution
  • Weapons demonstrations
  • Continued pursuit of personal martial arts goals